Sunday, March 19, 2017

My Thoughts are Keeping me Restless

I can't sleep tonight.

It's kind of strange. I haven't had a night like this in a while.

I've tried drinking it off but alcohol just kind of goes through me like water. As someone who used to drink to sleep, I can't decide if my now high tolerance is a gift or a curse.

My thoughts are scattered to the winds this early morning.

I've watched about four animated movies, as well as a Disney movie. I would recommend Pete's Dragon if you want a cute, kinda action-y movie or The Little Prince if you want to cry. but like, the good kind of cry.

I notice I go back to the same music over and over again. I have certain songs that stick with me like gum to my shoes and others that always seem to sneak back up on me like money in your coat pocket.

It's not that I fear change or hate it. In fact, I greet change with, undoubtedly shaky, but welcome arms.

However, the constants in my life keep me from going insane. 
Well, sometimes. Tonight I am a bit insane.