Thursday, March 23, 2017

Domestic Disturbances are Terrifying and Infuriating

March 21

It's been 23 minutes since I've phoned the police for the second domestic disturbance call.

23 fucking minutes where anything could have happened to the sobbing woman upstairs who's been being screamed at by an angry man.

I can hear the woman sobbing and screaming "get the fuck away from me," and the man yelling "I'll do.... what.... fucking want!"

I could try to fill in the gaps, but it's hard to understand everything they're saying.

All the banging and scraping and space in between us muffles things a bit.

I'm terrified because this shouldn't be normal. I'm angry because I am weak. I am pained because I cannot serve some kind of justice. I am but an observer and I have done the best I can.

27 minutes. I am beginning to wonder if they will actually come. I am sitting awake on my porch hoping to get a call or to hear something, anything and there is nothing.

I hope everything is okay. I hope everyone is okay. I'm so fucking scared and yet I can do nothing other than what I have done. I want to do more, but I am taking the advice of someone who has lived through the violence and come out on top. I will continue to wait for law enforcement to make an appearance.

I hope they come soon.

It's been an hour and 47 minutes since I phoned to police. I left my apartment soon after the officers arrived and went to get an energy drink as I need to be up in less than 5 hours.

When I came back they were searching the street for something the man had thrown off his balcony. From what I can see it appears to be a bottle of liquid. My guess, of course, is alcohol.

Everything is quiet for the moment, but I doubt there is peace.

March 23

So, I have gotten about two hours of sleep and I feel like shit. I slept Tuesday night, after my classes, but then found out that I slept through another fight between my neighbors and that freaked me out a lot.

So last night, I was like "what if something happens? I need to be awake!"

However, I realized that I do in fact, need to sleep in oder to function, so I took a melatonin and drank some wine in hopes of sleeping through the night.
However, my anxiety is a bitch who likes to make me feel like shit.
So, I am now basically hung over due to a lack of sleep and melatonin. This is my life.

Thankfully, there was no fighting last night, but I am still so worried about the people above me. I hope they're okay, but I highly doubt it.

According to the apartment manager, it's apparently just getting worse.

I'm scared for my neighbors and I can't do shit. I hate that. More than anything.