Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Self-Expression through Forced Work

Writing a blog is something I've always wanted to do, but never actually accomplished.

See, I've made blogs before, with the full intent of keeping them updated and interesting and yet I have never been able to keep up my work for any period of time. Taking a blogging class really forces you to write.

But not only to write.

While all my work is for a grade, it is also, in fact, one of the best forms of self-expression I have ever experienced. Having to keep up with posts in order to complete the class, has me to do more self inspection and produce higher quality work to go on my blog.

It has pushed me back into old habits that I never should have broken. 

I have read more and written more this semester than I have my entire college career. It has reminded me of the daily journals I used to keep and helped me begin to pick up important work again.

My posts are becoming more uniform as the time goes on.

I started with the idea of using poems as a way to write out my thoughts. However, I was using the poems as a guideline or something to hide behind. I often times feel like what I have to say is unimportant or not worth communicating.

Now, I realize my thoughts are my own and they are just as important as anyone else's. 
Blogging is setting me up for a more successful career because it is increasing my writing and editing abilities by the day.

Since my majors are Professional Media and Photographic Arts, writing everyday increases my chances of doing well in my chosen fields.

I have heard many professionals say you can be good at what you do, but if you can write it makes all the difference. 
Blogging has pushed me to be a better me. It has raised my confidence in myself and my skills as a whole. By getting the my thoughts out into the open, I have released negativity that I seem to always hold onto.

Blogging has forced me to look at myself and the things around me and made me examine the things I do not like or choose to ignore and need to change.  
It's funny what I little soul-searching will turn up in your everyday life.

I feel I have covered everything, but since this is an assignment and I must cover all the criteria I have one final question to answer.

The most important thing I have learned from this class is that when one looks within, even when they have to be forced to consider oneself, one will always find what they are looking for and more.