Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Another Sleepless Night (AKA a tribute to Cecil Palmer)

"A friendly desert community where the sun is hot,
The moon is beautiful, 
And mysterious lights pass overhead while we all pretend to sleep.
Welcome to Night Vale." 

Hello, listeners...

Or readers, I suppose.

Though if you caught the reference that's awesome.

And if you haven't listened to Welcome to Night Vale, you should seriously check it out.

I have not slept today. Which is good, cause I have to buckle down and start moving out of my apartment today.

Nicely done, Emily.

Putting this off to the last minute.


I don't really know what my deal is.

It's not that hard to do things right?

Like, say, just to get up and grab a glass of water.

Or actually, take a shower and brush my teeth.

Not complicated, right?
Wrong! Dead fucking wrong...
For some reason, even the most menial tasks seem to elude me, which is at least, annoying

And at most, a massive breakdown waiting to happen.

Ahh, don't you just love the sunrise?

The colors that burst forth, telling you a new day is here?

Or reminding you that your lack of sleep will result in horrible consequences?
Ya, we love that too!
I was supposed to have a job by today.

Or at least, an official offer letter for said job.

But alas, I have no such certainty and am beginning to wonder, dear readers, if I will even receive the job at all.
Isn't that great?!
I apologize to anyone reading this who has not heard the above-mentioned podcast.

This entire post was written in the format of that show because I have listened to it non-stop and don't have enough creativity at the moment to write without a guideline of some kind.

I have also had about 25 mistypes in the past three minutes.

So that's good.

I feel like everything is surreal.
Cause you know, sleep deprivation.
My brain is not functioning correctly and I feel as though my body is dying.

I think I might try to nap, then go get some coffee.

Wish me luck in my endeavors, Dear Readers.

Good Night, Night Vale,

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